Short Stories


Uncle Joe will never be the same.

Strange things happen when flying unusual cargo.

Piper Cubs can challenge a pilot’s skill and ego.

Not all flights go smoothly. Some are quite an adventure.

I’ve learned some important things sitting around a hangar swapping tales. This one was told to me by a well seasoned and unique pilot.

Life has its little surprises. The one I found hanging in a burger joint in Arizona took me back twenty-five years.

The last B-24 Liberator left the Fort Worth, Texas plant for India in 1945 where it was to become a moral boosting symbol for those who had built her. That was not to be.

Gunner was the pilot of a Loach helicopter in Vietnam searching for “Charlie” hiding in the jungles. The bravery and heroism of this young man is a story that needed telling.

I hope you find my short stories entertaining. If so, perhaps you might be interested in one of my books. They aren’t all about flying.

Red Boots Rebel takes place during the Vietnam War era and chronicles my experience transitioning from a naive college kid walking a tightrope of intrigue in a top secret intelligence community.

Schellville is a love story between two people from vastly different worlds who try and blend passions and interests.

Up Hill Dreaming relates a lifetime of tales and experiences in the entrepreneur world dealing with dreamers, schemers, and scalawags.