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Panda Girl
Based on True Stories from a Forgotten War
$12.95 Paperback/ $4.95 Kindle
Format: 5 x 8 paperback, 279 pages
ISBN: 979-8985404005

Lawrence V. Drake – Historical Fiction
In 1941, Victor Dance knew little of the world outside his family’s dryland farm in Montana until he joined the Army Air Corps. A world at war took a farm boy and turned him into the Aircraft Commander of a heavy bomber. This story is based on true life events recorded by airmen and the girls, real and imagined, who gave them hope and the desire to survive.

When Silence Calls

When Silence Calls
An Autobiography of G. Dennis Drake
$14.95 Paperback / $4.99 Kindle / Hardcover $19.95
Format: 5 x 8 paperback, 370 pages
ISBN: 978-0578553216

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G. Dennis Drake & Lawrence V. Drake – Biography
The struggles and extreme heartaches of his youth forged the character of G. Dennis Drake, preparing him for an exceptional life of service that impacts thousands. His story is one of true inspiration and accomplishment.

When Silence Calls

The Aviator and the Hippie
$12.95 Paperback  / $4.99 Kindle
Format: 5 x 8 paperback, 300 pages
ISBN: 978-1548715960
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Lawrence V Drake- Non-fiction / Memoir
The story of a young aviator who undertakes a quest for adventure and love. Along the way, he encounters truly unique people and places. Two people from very different backgrounds and passions struggle with their unique relationship. (more …)


Keeping Secrets
$12.95 Paperback / $3.99 Kindle
Format: 5 x 8 paperback, 237 pages
ISBN: 978-1542580977
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Lawrence V Drake – Non-fiction / Memoir
Serving in the nation’s top-secret cryptologic intelligence-gathering facility in the South China Sea at the height of the Vietnam War exposed a young airman to a side of the conflict that ultimately led him to a unique and bold protest.


The Entrepreneur Experience
Good Choices and Common Mistakes
$9.95 Paperback / $5.95 Kindle
Format: 5 x 8 paperback, 157 pages
ISBN: 979-8-9854040-8-1

Lawrence V Drake – Non-fiction / Business
Tales of real-life encounters with dreamers, schemers, and scalawags that can make or break a new business. A good book for the new entrepreneur or small business owner looking to start a business or raise new capital.


The Pencil of Vernon L Drake
$6.50 Paperback / $2.99 Kindle
Format: 8 x 8 paperback, 103 pages
ISBN: 978-1979878890

Lawrence V Drake – Non-fiction / Art
My father was always sketching. He left a legacy of wonderful pencil drawings and accompanying stories. This book contains one hundred pages of illustrations that follow Vernon’s life as a teenage boy, through WWII as a bomber pilot, a lover of Western history, a family man, and a professional architect. Browse Vernon Drake’s watercolors (click here).



Simple Floor Heating Systems
$4.50 Paperback / $2.99 Kindle
Format: Print Replica, 40 pages
ASIN: B08L2JQ919

Lawrence Drake – non-fiction, home improvement
With stories, instructions and illustrations, this book addresses small, single-zone, residential, and personal use radiant floor heating installations for the DIY market as well as professionals.

Twenty-one easy-reading short stories
$4.95 Paperback / $0.99 Kindle
Format: 5×8 paperback, 147 pages
ISBN: 9798985404050
Life three-quarters of a century-long can produce a lot of great stories. Here, the reader will find a collection of easy-to-read, short stories from a life well-lived. Most are sprinkled with humor and irony. They range from mishaps as a teenager to aerobatic flying gone wrong.