Amazon self-publishing

Let me help you get your book published through Amazon, both print and Kindle.


I charge by the hour – $35/hr

Book Interior Design and Layout ….  approx. 50 pages per hour
This is taking your manuscript (text or Word file), creating a page layout, and inserting your document.

Table of Contents …. approx. 10 chapters per hour
Create a Table of Contents page and links to the chapters

Glossary/Index/Bibliography …. depends on the complexity
Not necessary in all books

ISBN number/Title Page …. approx. one hour
The ISBN number is assigned through Amazon for free unless you want to purchase your own.

Cover Design …. approx. 5-20 hours depending on the design
If you provide the artwork to incorporate in the cover the cost is low. If we go through a series of designs to find the right one, the cost could be high. The cover must be right to attract readers.