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The Entrepreneur Experience
Good Choices and Common Mistakes



The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines an Entrepreneur as, "a person who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise." Like so many before and many yet to come, the entrepreneurial dream bit me at a very early age. I believe everyone has the entrepreneur gene. For some it is more dominant than for others. Some have it nourished by family and friends, others have it squelched by parents and teachers. Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life. It doesn't seem to matter where you were born or raised, how you were educated, or if you came from a rich or poor family. If you have a dominant entrepreneur gene, it will drive you to risk what you have on what you can create.

The education system is designed to make square pegs out of everyone and fit them into the square holes of society. A basic education is a valuable asset. Knowing how to read, write and do arithmetic is not essential, but sure helps. The school system works for professions that require precision learning focused on specific tasks, such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and architects, but for the majority, we stumble around until we find our niche. A few of us end up as round pegs and have to make our own holes in society. We are the entrepreneurs, the inventors, and the risk takers.

- Lawence V Drake



Age and experience have their advantages. As a well seasoned entrepreneur, I've designed fourteen fundimental questions that can provide insight into how your business concept, product, or service rates. Your answers will give some indication of your likelihood of success and identify areas that may need propping up.


I will send your personalized assessment to you via email. You can opt-out at any time but I hope you will find the input valuable enough to further explore what I have to offer.


It is often difficult to get real-world assessments of your venture or your abilities.

Friends, family, and colleagues are often swayed by their close relationship with you. Receive valuable input on your business concept, product, or service from well-seasoned entrepreneurs.

I am building a team of individuals who have spent a lifetime bringing products and services to the market. We can assist you in reviewing the viability of your project and the market you are addressing.

One thing we have learned from years of struggle, failure, and success is that, even though technologies have changed, the nuts and bolts of taking an idea from concept to a viable business have remained the same.

Be in the right place, at the right time, with the right product, at the right price. Take advantage of the experience of others and avoid costly mistakes.

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The Entrepreneur Experience; Good Choices and Common Mistakes.

In my book, The Entrepreneur Experience, I provide indepth insights into the entrepreneur life. In it you will find real-life experiences and valuable guidence from the inception of an idea or concept to its completion. You will learn what and who to avoid, how to get things done, and what to do with success or failure. Available on Amazon.

Here is a list of chapters:
How Gullible Am I?
What Are The Basics?
Can I Do This On My Own?
Do I Need Investors?
Am I Wasting My Time?
Am I Just A Dreamer?
How Do I Recognize Schemers?
Can I Avoid Scalawags?
What If Things Don't Go Well?
What Is The End Game?
What Is Success?

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