iDrawnics for Sketchup

Pipe & Fittings
71 components

Valves, Controls, Pumps
70 components

Heat Sources
46 components

Heat Exchangers
17 components

Use our pre-drawn-to-scale components in ALL SketchUp CAD programs.

Hydronic 3D components library

Only $4.95 for over 200 components


All components are accurately drawn to a 1:1 scale and are compatible with all SketchUp versions.
The iDrawnics Toolbar functions are only available in pre-2018 versions of SketchUp.

After payment you will be linked to a Download page to retrieve your iDrawnics Library of components



Download our FREE Plugin Toolbar for pre-2018 Sketchup

This plugin installs the iDrawnics Toolbar in pre-2018 SketchUp, allowing you to use all the piping paths, stick & flip, spec data, and reporting features associated with our iDrawnics components.

SketchUp Make 2017 is available for FREE click here HERE

All components can be used in current SketchUp versions but the iDrawnics features will not be available.