iDrawnics App and Support

Download our FREE Plugin Toolbar for pre-2018 Sketchup

This plugin installs the iDrawnics Toolbar in pre-2018 SketchUp, allowing you to use all the piping paths, stick & flip, spec data, and reporting features associated with our iDrawnics components.

Simply download the plugin and use the SketchUp plugin feature to import it into the app.

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All components can be used in current SketchUp versions but the iDrawnics features will not be available.


These pdf instruction sheets explain how easy it is to use the iDrawnics Toolbar. It will get you started using SketchUp with iDrawnics fast, and answer most of your questions.


These short videos will get you started using iDrawnics right away. They walk step-by-step on how to use your iDrawnics plugin, tool bars and report features.

• Introduction

• Basic iDrawnics

• Running in Windows

• Locating Files (Windows)

• Running on the Mac

• Finding the Mac Tool Bar

• Locate Files (Mac)

• Lost in Space…Help!

• Stick and Flip

• Reports

• 45 Degree Fittings

• Handles and Motors