Filled with flying adventures, romance, and excitement.

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UM – “Schellville happens to be the epicenter of a set of remarkable circumstances and events, ” coincidences” that brought a conservative Montana bi-plane pilot and a beautiful barefooted girl dressed in a psychedelic skirt, just back from far-away India, together via a matchmaker in Montana. Larry and Shakti come from two wildly different worlds. Do people meet “coincidently”, “accidentally”, without cause, connection, by luck or fate? Do people meet that way or do people meet for a reason? Check out an answer. Read Larry and Shatki’s wonderful, exciting story.” – “I recommend this book to everyone who loves autobiographies, flying, romance, adventures or to those that are just looking for a good book that might surprise them. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because this was a truly wonderful read and I enjoyed tremendously the author’s clear writing style that brought every memory alive.”

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