SpecTree provides a way to store and organize your reading glasses, sunglasses, driving glasses, and even your keys in plain sight while keeping them easily accessible.

I don’t know about you, but I have multiple pairs of glasses that cluttered up my desk for years. I have glasses for reading books, glasses for working on the computer, glasses for driving, sunglasses of various strengths, and even clip-on sunglasses. Not only did they take up valuable space, but they got scratched and marred.  I would toss one pair on the desk and grab the next pair for whatever was needed for the task at hand. I often picked the wrong pair from the jumble and had to try again. Finally, I did something about the mess. I designed the SpecTree. What a difference! I’m now organized, have extra room on my desk, my glasses last longer, and are super easy to find.

SpecTree Easy To Assemble Kit

The BASIC SpecTree holds up to 6 pairs of glasses and/or keys.
  $14.95 (Free Shipping)


The DOUBLE SpecTree holds up to 12 pairs of glasses and/or keys.
   $19.95 (Free Shipping)


Made of mahogany and finished in a clear poly-coating.

Handmade by talented deaf craftsmen at the
International Deaf Education Association
on the island of Bohol, Philippines
. IDEA is a USA non-profit foundation that works to educate impoverished and neglected deaf children in the Philippines. More than 400 deaf children are able to attend IDEA supported special education classes on the islands of Bohol and Leyte. IDEA operates various businesses which provide employment to over 120 deaf men and women. These businesses also offer vocational training for deaf young people.