The Aviator and the Hippie

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Lawrence V Drake – Non-fiction / Memoir / Romance / Adventure

The story of a young aviator who undertakes a quest for adventure and love. Along the way, he encounters truly unique people and places.

Red Boots Rebel
Keeping Secrets

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Lawrence V Drake – Non-fiction / Memoir / Vietnam War

The story of an Air Force airman whose innocent world is rocked when he uncovers disturbing truths regarding the Vietnam “conflict.” Serving several years in a top secret organization, he witnessed behind the scenes politics. What he did next was bewildering to those in command.

Mission Completed (short version)

Online Video: (short version – 12 min.)
Produced by Lawrence Drake

A documentary film honoring the contributions of Lt. Vernon L. Drake in World War II. Lt. Drake was a B-24 pilot in the China, Burma, India Theater. He also painted a number of nose art pictures on bombers, two of which are now in the American Airpower Heritage Museum collection located in Midland, Texas.
Long Version – (30-minutes) – click here