When Silence Calls Preview

When Silence CallsWhen Silence Calls: Biography of G. Dennis Drake

by Lawrence V Drake and G. Dennis Drake
Paperback: 370 pages

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When Silence Calls

The struggles and extreme heartaches of his youth forged the character of G. Dennis Drake, preparing him for an exceptional life of service that impacts thousands. His story is one of true inspiration and accomplishment. The Events and experiences that landed him in the Philippines to unite a culture of Deaf that were outcast and abused are extraordinary. Born out of a broken marriage and broken life, Dennis founded and grew the International Deaf Education Association into a recognized and respected force as champion for the forgotten deaf children of the island of Bohol. His energy, imagination, and vision grew out of near disaster and a life in shambles. This is a heartwarming story that takes the reader on a journey beginning with a boy struggling to find his place in the world to a man loved by multitudes.


by Dennis Drake

I sit and write in the lobby of the Dao Diamond Hotel and Conference Center in the city of Tagbilaran on the Philippine island of Bohol. I built this facility to employ deaf adults and help finance the education of impoverished and neglected deaf children. Early morning sunlight filters in and dapples the soft Polynesian decor reminding me of my son, Aaron, who came up with the remodel theme. I marvel at the deaf staff that efficiently attends to our guests in all capacities. I have known these workers since they were children in special schools I helped establish. Now, they are grown with families and homes of their own. They are proud to be Deaf. I love these people dearly and revel in their success. The calming atmosphere, surrounded by the fruits of more than thirty-five years of blood, sweat, and tears comforts me. This is my happy place—the right place for writing the preface for this book.

I had not intended on writing a book. I entered into a season of my life when memories came flooding in. I felt the only way to deal with them was to put them down on paper. Without an outlet, they threatened to overwhelm me. It seemed a waste to let them languish in my computer so I shared them with my brother. The disjointed ramblings he ended up with could hardly be called a book. One of his many talents is his skill as a writer. He is the one who recognized the potential for my efforts. I am amazed that he has been able to weave my stories into a cohesive collection, earning the right to be called a book. With the addition of his own life experiences, he has infused richness into these pages. It is with the greatest appreciation I thank Larry (Lawrence) for co-authoring this book and his wife, Teresa, for her excellent proofreading.

Memories are tricky things. They seem to change over the years, often being modified by later experiences in life. I have tried to relay events accurately but I am afraid that, in some cases, the traumatic impact of events may have altered my perspective.

There is one take-away from this book I wish for the reader. The world may perceive you as a loser. You may even see yourself in that way but that is not how God sees you. Each of us is gifted with special talents. He has a plan for you that may be far from your wildest dreams, a plan that can ultimately provide you with great fulfillment. At least that is how things worked out for me. This is the crux of When Silence Calls—a life-long journey from brokenness to triumph.

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