Author and Entrepreneur


Lawrence has been published in dozens of periodicals, written industry-related books, and penned a monthly international newsletter. He has been a pilot for most of his life, owning and flying a variety of sport and private aircraft.

Born and raised in Montana, Lawrence has lived all over the western U.S. In his early years, he worked as a flight instructor, crop duster, and aerobatic instructor, owning and flying a variety of airplanes including antiques and amateur-built. His memoir, Schellville, captures those adventurous days filled with love and life.

Almost four years in the Air Force Security Service during the Vietnam conflict gave rise to his first book, Red Boots Rebel. His second book, The Entrepreneur Experience, is a result of a lifetime of educational encounters with dreamers, schemers, and scalawags as an independent businessman. His most recent book, Panda Girl, a historical novel, relates the true experiences of a boy born and raised on a Montana dry-land farm who gets sucked into the China, Burma, India (CBI) theater of WWII as a bomber pilot.

Lawrence spent much of his career in the heating industry as a manufacturer, association director, and owner. He holds a number of patents, including a unique modular RV camper and portable shelter.

Lawrence writes from a first-hand perspective of a love of aviation, a successful entrepreneur, a caring family man, and a passion for life.

  • Author, Drake Internet Publishing – 2016 – Present
  • President, Wingover LLC – 2000- 2020
  • President/CEO, Teal International Corporation – 1992 – 2016
  • Executive Director, Radiant Panel Association  – 1994 -2009
  • General Manager & VP, MAXXON Corporation -1984 – 1992
  • Owner & VP, Solar Works – 1980 -1984

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