What people are saying about my books:

(Amazon Best Seller) WHEN SILENCE CALLS

“An incredible story of a life well lived!”
“An adventure … I couldn’t stop reading it.”
“Its an amazing book, a journey to the extraordinary”

(Amazon Best Seller) SCHELLVILLE

“Well written by a very talented author.”
“It draws you in from the first page.”

“I loved this story and couldn’t put it down…thanks for the fun read!” 

(Amazon Best Seller) RED BOOTS REBEL

“Great storytelling, captivating and well told”
“He pulled me into the story with his keen insights, brutal honesty, solid dialogue, and brilliant description.”
“I went from interested to thoroughly ensconced to enlightened.” 


“‘This book gives an incredible insight into the real workings and labors of getting an invention or business into a profitable entity.”


“I loved this book! A wonderful view of a Montana man and his love of drawing.”

(Amazon Best Seller) TOASTY TOES 

“I give this a 5-star rating simply because it keeps things simple and I appreciate it… I would most certainly recommend to all ( even those who aren’t SIMPLE).”